Thumb piano, marimba, kalimba, mbira, lamellophone, 7 notes. Made from a real coconut! Fair trade and fun

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In various raised dot painted decorations approx 16cm diameter made from wood, metal and a real coconut shell.

Thumb piano, also called Kalimantan, karimba, mbira, finger piano, lamellophone.


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Thumb piano, marimba, kalimba, mbira, lamellophone

Decorated with various raised painted dots, approx 16cm diameter made from wood, metal and coconut shell.

These Karimbas are incredibly popular with children (of all ages!). Ideal when trying to entertain groups of kids and a brilliant way to get them off their electronic gizmos! Used in schools for music lessons they are our best selling musical instruments.

Part of the appeal of this item is its hand-made nature and it is crafted in the traditional way. The design on painted items may vary from the pictured item. Made from natural products please allow for minor imperfections in the materials. This adds to its authenticity, ensuring you have a genuine handcrafted item and NOT a generic, factory-manufactured product.

Kalimbas are a type of lamellophone.

Made in Bali on a fair trade basis

Designs may differ from photos.

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