Tara Ornament: 11cm high, Sajaya Resin Tara, Hand Painted. Fair Trade, Ethical.

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Tara Ornament

  • Hand painted resin Tara statue
  • 11cm high
  • Fair trade/ethically produced
  • Made by skilled artisans in Nepal

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Tara Ornament

These detailed, hand-painted resin castings depict Green Tara.

Easily identified by her one leg outstretched, ready for swift action and the positions of her hands, Tara’s left hand is in the mudra of protection whilst the right assumes the mudra of giving.

Size: Approx 11cm high

Origin: Nepal

Credentials: Hand-painted, ethically produced, fair trade from a BAFTS-registered supplier.

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At Near & Fair we do not sell mass-produced factory items. Our items are created by skilled artisans and involve no exploitative labour. See our fair trade policy for further details.

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