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Satya Backflow Incense Cones: 24 Pack Nice-Smelling Quality Dhoop for Backflow Burners

£3.99 Incl. VAT

Satya Backflow Incense Cones

  • Specially designed for backflow burners
  • Nice Smelling!
  • 24 high-quality dhoop cones
  • Made in India

Satya Backflow Incense Cones

Backflow incense cones that smell nice!

Box of 24 high-quality backflow incense cones for use with a backflow burner create stunning displays without any reduction in fragrance quality

The special design of the incense cones results in the smoke going backwards creating a stunning effect

Seven exquisite fragrances with more expected in the near future

Satya is the most popular incense brand on the planet and are producers of the famous blue packet Nag Champa incense.

Animal friendly – no animal products are used and no animals are harmed in the making of Satya incense cones.

Watch this video to see how Satya incense is made.

Looking for incense sticks? They’re right here.

Fragrances available: Dragon’s Blood, Lavender, Nag Champa, Rose, Sandalwood, SuperHit, White Sage

Pack size: 24 quality backflow dhoop cones

Burn time: Approx. 20 minutes depending upon conditions

Directions: Place the incense cone on a backflow incense burner. Light the tip of the incense using a flame. Once the tip is glowing, carefully blow the flame out.

SAFETY NOTICE: For fragrance use only. Store and use our of the reach of children and animals. Use away from flammable items. Ensure all ash falls on fireproof and heatproof surfaces. Burn in an open or well ventilated area. Never leave burning incense unattended.

Storage: Store in a cool dry place.

Origin: India

Ethics: No animal products are used and no animals are harmed in the making of Satya incense cones. Eco-friendly packaging. The producer of this packaging contributes to a packaging recovery scheme.

Ethical values of Satya Incense Sticks shown on the back of the packaging

You are welcome to visit our fair trade gift shop in person to view our range of gifts, clothing and groceries. Many people tell us we are the best place to buy incense in Hull. We like to agree!

We are based in Trinity Market Arcade, Trinity House Lane, Hull, HU1 2JH. (We are nearest the Market Place/Lowgate entrance which is opposite Liberty Lane. The nearest carpark is King William House multi-storey.)

Our usual opening hours are 9:30am-4pm, Tuesday to Saturday. Feel free to check before setting off. Additional hours, or any other changes are advertised on Facebook and Instagram.

Awkward package size alert – these are too big for a standard large letter package (best price) so postage for a single item really bumps up the cost. We would advise buying more than one or adding other items from our shop to get the best value as our postage is based on size and weight which means we can pack more than one item in the same package, saving you, us and the environment. Thank you.


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