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Peppermint Essential Oil: 10ml, Mentha Piperita

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Peppermint Essential Oil

Comes in a 10ml amber dropper bottle



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Peppermint Essential Oil

Latin Name: Mentha Piperita

Part Of Plant Used: Flowering Herb

Source: India

Extraction Method: Steam Distillation

Brand: Ancient Wisdom

Barcode: 5055796528417

Peppermint Essential Oil is said to be good for ailments like asthma, colic, fever, flatulence, headache, nausea, chest congestion and vertigo. This oil is supposed to be excellent for mental fatigue and depression, refreshing and stimulating with its menthol content. It is good for the skin and is used in lotions to treat sunburn, itchiness or inflamed skin. It helps fight bad breath and gum infections when used in mouthwashes. When used in an oil burner it is not only therapeutic it also keeps away mosquitoes and other insects. 

Peppermint is native to the Mediterranean but is now grown in other countries in Europe, America, and Asia. Discoveries prove that peppermint has been used since ancient times in Egypt, Greece, Rome, China and Japan. According to Greek myth, a nymph called Mentha was turned, in a fit of anger, into a mint plant by her lover’s wife Persephone. According to Pliny, peppermint was used to crown the Greeks and Romans during feasts. It has been used medicinally in England for the last few centuries.

Peppermint Essential Oil can also be used as a room fragrance with oil burners and diffusers.

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essential oils Peppermint Essential Oil: 10ml, Mentha Piperita

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