Musical Instrument Gift Box: Global Sounds, 5 Instruments from Chile, Peru, Thailand

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Musical Instrument Gift Box: Global Sounds

  • Musical instruments from Chile, Peru, and Thailand
  • Hand made
  • Ethically produced
  • Easy to wrap gift box

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Musical Instrument Gift Box: Global Sounds

Global Sounds is a wonderful musical instrument gift box containing of some of our best selling musical instruments, from across the world, Chile, Peru and Thailand.

All of the instruments in the pack are hand made and are authentic in design and sound.

Provided in an easy-to-wrap box.

Box Size: Approx. 22 x 13 x 6cm


One of each from the list below. Most information given here is extracted from the enclosed leaflet.

  • Rainstick – From the Atacama desert of Northern Chile, the rainstick or rainmaker gives us a lovely paradox: how can something from the world’s driest region, made from a cactus, sound like a tropical downpour?
  • Bird Whistle – Blow this mini flue and mimic birdsong by moving the stick up and down. Made with burnt bamboo in Java Indonesia, these bird whistles can be used to communicate with wildlife.
  • Thai Frog – Harvested from the wood of the jackfruit tree, a fast growing sustainable source, locally in Thailand. Simply hold the frog in one hand and stroke its ridged back with the thick end of the stick provided.
  • Panpipes – From the mountains of Peru, panpipes are a wind instrument first made by the Incas. They make a sound to echo the wind whistling through the high Andes mountains.
  • Ocarina – Early types were known in ancient China, but the egg-shaped Ocarina got its name after being reinvented in 19th century Italy, after ‘oca’ meaning goose. Ocarinas are played like a recorder, except that the hands are held next to one another instead of one over the other.
  • Full colour information leaflet – all the details given above with colour pictures.

The musical instrument gift box contains genuine hand-made musical instruments and are not intended to be used as toys. Not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts that may cause a choking hazard.

Credentials: Made by people, not machines. The artisans work on a fair trade basis and with respect for the environment.

More musical instruments here – all ethically sourced, of course!

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