Chakra Earrings: Fine Silver Hooks, 7 Chaka Stones, 4cm Long, Vegan and Fair Trade

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Chakra Earrings

  • Semi-precious stones
  • Recycled Fine Silver
  • Fair trade
  • Vegan

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Chakra Earrings

The elegance of a fine silver beads combined with semi-precious stones make up these beautiful Chakra Earrings

It is believed that wearing Chakra stones can help to keep the balance within as we go about our lives

The Chakra stones relate to the vortex of energy within us all and the 7 Chakra stones relate to these 7 major energy centres. Keeping these energy centres cleansed and activated helps to maintain the physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing within us all

These pretty earrings are made up of 7 semi-precious gemstones representing the 7 Chakras along with handcrafted fine silver and fairly traded beads

The stones may vary slightly from the picture depending on availability, but all used will be stones relating to each Chakra point

Made on a fair trade basis, these earrings were made by humans, not machines!


  • Semi precious stones
  • Fine silver beads
  • Hooks – fine silver

Length: Approx 4cm

Weight: Approx. 3.2g

Brand: Luna Tree

Credentials: Fair trade, vegan, recycled silver, ethical, eco, sustainable, hand crafted

Near & Fair is registered with the British Association of Fair Trade Shops and Suppliers so you can be confident that this item was made with respect for both people and planet

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