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How to Use our Incense Burners Safely!

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Incense Smoke Box with brass inlay

How to Use our Incense Burners Safely!

We had an interesting and slightly worrying conversation at an event we attended recently with a lady who had set fire to her wooden incense burner as she purchased a replacement from us.

This prompted us to write this short and sweet guide on how to light and use your incense burners safely.

Step one – get your incense burner and set it somewhere stable and out of reach of tiny hands (yes children I’m talking about you !) You don’t want it knocked off onto a carpet as 1, it might break and 2, it will make a right mess.

Karma scents wooden incense box
Burner and incense cone ready for use

Step two – get you fragrance of choice in its form of choice either sticks or cones.

Step three – light the incense! Yes unfortunately flame is needed to get the fragrance around the room.

light incense How to Use our Incense Burners Safely!
It’s on fire (careful now)

Step four – NOW this is the important bit so listen up! “BLOW THE FLAME OUT”. Did you hear me? I’ll say it again “BLOW THE FLAME OUT”. This way the cone or stick smoulders but does not have a flame and won’t set fire to your smoke box. It will also last longer.

Step five – Make sure the flame is out and place the cone or stick of incense inside your smoke box and close the lid.

burning incense How to Use our Incense Burners Safely!
Fire is out (phew that was close) if you look closely it’s glowing, that’s a good thing and can now be left alone to do its thing.

Hey presto your incense is now safely smouldering away giving off your favourite fragrance and your smoke box should give you years of service.

Karma scents wooden incense box

Large wooden incense burner (Smoke box)

Small wooden incense burner (smoke box) 

Wooden incense tray 

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