Buddha Ornament: 11cm high, Sajaya Resin Buddha, Hand Painted. Fair Trade, Ethical.

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Buddha Ornament

  • Hand painted resin statue of Buddha
  • 11cm high
  • Fair trade/ethically produced
  • Made by skilled artisans in Nepal

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Buddha Ornament

These wonderful resin figurines are incredibly detailed, hand-painted depictions of the medicine Buddha, also known as Bhaisajyaguru. He is depicted holding a bowl of medicine nectar in his lap and a blooming myrobalan plant.

Size: Approx 11cm high

Origin: Nepal

Credentials: Hand-painted, ethically produced, fair trade from a BAFTS-registered supplier.

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At Near & Fair we do not sell mass-produced factory items. Our items are created by skilled artisans and involve no exploitative labour. See our fair trade policy for further details.

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    • Hand painted resin medicine Buddha statue
    • Colourful sitting Buddha statue
    • Detailed resin casting
    • Fair Trade from Nepal

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