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Blue Denim Rag Rug: 79 x 69cm, Unusual Design, Hand Made in the UK

£99.99 Incl. VAT

Blue Denim Rag Rug

  • Handmade in England
  • Primary colour: Blue
  • Materials: jute, Denim
  • Only ships within United Kingdom

England flag showing that this product was made in England

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Blue Denim Rag Rug

This Blue Denim Rag Rug also known as shag rugs, or clip rugs, or proggy mats, is a twist on the traditional style. Traditional rag rugs are made by piercing holes in hessian sacks, poking rags through these holes and tying them. A second look at this rug and you will see it is different! The base has been crocheted with strong jute twine from a sustainable source. This not only allows for a tougher and neater edging than is found on the rugs made with sacking, but also gives it a harder wearing, longer lasting base. The rags (or ‘clips’) that make the shag pile are from upcycled blue demin jeans of varying shades and have been secured using a latch hook.

The rug is a lightly bulged rectangle shape (shown best in the photo of the underside), and measures 31 x 27 inches (approx 79 x 69cm)

If the rug is to be used on a hard, polished surface such as lino or laminate, I recommend a non-slip backing is used. I can provide this if required.

This is a very unusual mat and it is unlikely you will find anything similar anywhere else. To my knowledge I am the only person who crochets the base as standard, and I have been doing so since around 2012. Please contact me with any questions or if you would like to see more photographs.

More information about my unique handmade rugs can be found on our blog post –

Below is some information and quotes about home furnishings seen in the Hands on History Museum in Hull, UK.

“Today nearly all our household furnishings – bedding, curtains and carpets – are bought ready-made. Before mass production in the 19th century most clothes and furnishings were made at home. Few but the wealthy could afford carpets or many fabrics before the 1800s. Until such furnishings became cheaply available in the mid 20th century people made their own. ….. Quilts and rugs were made from recycled old clothes. Nothing was wasted. ‘Rag’ or ‘clip’ rugs were made from strips of old cloth worked into a hessian backing.”

“…Mother made the floor covering out of old coats, and I used to cut the clips. They had to be just right and Dad made the pokers …. he’d sharpen the end and mother used to do the clip mats at night.”

“…(We had) lino, just lino but in front of the hearth was a clip rug.”

Size: Approx. 79 x 69cm

Origin: England, UK

England flag showing that this product was made in England

Credentials: Upcycled, hand crafted

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